Richard Smith, Community Planner

Richard is our lead person in demographic/census data, recreation plans, master plans and land use regulations, such as subdivision and zoning ordinances. He works with local and regional organizations on economic development planning and implementation and also provides technical assistance to local units.  Richard is assisting Peter Van Steen with Hazard Mitigation Plan updates for Alger, Delta, Menominee and Schoolcraft Counties.

Richard holds a BA in Sociology from Graceland University and a Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Iowa.

Peter Van Steen, Transportation Planner
Peter is our lead person in transportation planning, access management, traffic counting, non-motorized and other transportation projects. He represents our region in statewide planning efforts and assists communities with transportation-related technical assistance.

Peter is currently preparing local Hazard Mitigation Plan updates for Alger, Delta, Menominee and Schoolcraft Counties. Peter is also the local contact person for the CDBG programs.

Peter holds a degree in Business Administration from Valparaiso University.

Steve Lenaker, GIS Coordinator
Steve specializes in developing and analyzing maps in creative ways for local units, staff, and others using various methods such as: digitizing, scanning, using GPS equipment and GIS software. Steve develops, analyzes, and maintains an extensive set of data layers used by staff for planning and map purposes and builds appropriate base maps for local and regional projects. Steve also assists with the local and regional 911 emergency management programs, and assists other local communities developing and maintaining their GIS systems and GPS equipment.
Steve holds a degree in Geography, with a minor in GIS & Spatial Analysis from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Bonnie Strem, Administrative Aide
Bonnie is the first contact most people have with CUPPAD, and will help direct you to the appropriate staff when you call or visit our office concerning an issue. In addition to her administrative and secretarial duties, Bonnie serves as staff for the Criminal Justice Planning Committee and oversees the MCACA Art Minigrant Program.

Rhiannon Haller, Assistant Community Planner
Rhiannon supports team planning efforts and assists local units of government on a variety of Commission related initiatives including grant writing, master plans, recreation plans, hazard mitigation, transportation plans, economic development, coastal management, strategic plans, and downtown development.
Rhiannon holds a BA in Political Science and a Masters degree in Urban Planning from the University of Michigan.

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