Funding Identification

A listing of grant programs and other tidbits that come across our desks:

Michigan Council of Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA)

Agency Name: MCACA part of MEDC

CUPPAD is a regional re-granter for MCACA mini-grants to promote meaningful and fundable arts and cultural opportunities in the region to ensure the arts are accessible to all- even in our rural communities. Applications up to $4,000 (1 to 1 match required) are available to eligible nonprofit organizations and units of government. Other funding opportunities through MCACA are available for capital improvement projects if there is a substantial artistic outcome as a result of the project.

Application closing date:  August 3, 2015

Rural Innovation Fund Program (HUD)

Agency Name: Department of Housing and Urban Development

The purpose of the Rural Fund is to provide support for highly targeted and innovative grants dedicated to addressing the problems of concentrated rural housing distress and community poverty for projects that demonstrate a great likelihood of substantial impact in addressing the housing needs and community poverty in the project area.

Application closing date:  N/A

Elimination of Blight Program

Agency Name: Department of Health and Human Services, MSHDA, Michigan Land Bank

To eliminate blight, public hazards, and public nuisances, competitive funding is available through the Michigan Land Bank up to $200,000 for demolition. Ideally, an end use is determined after demolition and the project complements current land use and community planning efforts.

Application closing date:  Passed- typically June 1 every year

Community Partnership Program

Agency Name: MSHDA

Contact CUPPAD for additional information to determine eligibility.

Application closing date:  Non-competitive

The CUPPAD Region

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