Membership Information

CUPPAD membership dues are based on the current 2010 Census data with a $100 minimum. This investment pays dividends in our region by helping our organization continue to be effective and strong through regional collaboration. By acting together and sharing resources for the common good of the Central Upper Peninsula, we maintain and strengthen our overall capabilities.

As a CUPPAD member, you are entitled to ten free hours of assistance as you receive a broad and ever expanding array of beneficial services such as community and land use planning, parks and recreation plans eligible for DNR project funding, grant writing and administration services, and much more.

As your advocate, the CUPPAD Regional Commission continues to serve the local governments of the Central Upper Peninsula by:

  • Assisting with grant writing for housing, economic development, fire protection and EMS, recreation, transportation and other projects;
  • Developing and maintaining a Geographic Information System (GIS) with an extensive digital database, including colored infrared aerial photos and customized mapping services, which are useful and available to local governments;
  • Assisting local units of government prepare master plans for land use and local zoning ordinances to help communities prepare for the future;
  • Working closely with county Economic Development Corporations, Michigan Works!, the Upper Peninsula Economic Development Alliance, Michigan Economic Development Corporation, the US Dept. of Commerce Economic Development Administration, and others to develop business and industry in the Central U.P. region;
  • Providing technical assistance and consulting on issues related to recreational development, walkability, trail development, and community development and economic development projects.

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Funding for the Commission is obtained through federal matching grants, member government dues, annual appropriations from the state, and contract fees.


Services provided to member governments and the communities through cross-functional teams include the following areas.

Intergovernmental Cooperation: Encourages multi-jurisdictional planning for comprehensive land use, corridor and strategic development encouraging cooperative efforts and project efficiencies.

Transportation and Transit Planning: Provides long range programs and planning include urbanized area plans, corridor plans, greenway plans along with traffic counts, safety studies to impact transportation in the region.

Community Planning: Provides land use planning and analysis for member governments including zoning ordinances, subdivision regulations, mapping and general community plans for a highest and best-use basis for development in the region.\

Community and Economic Development: Assists member governments with applications for federal and state grants, provides information and assistance to new and expanding businesses to increase the tax base in the region.

Information Management (GIS): Provides GIS data development, analysis and deployment assistance, redistricting and site analysis for member governments.

The CUPPAD Region

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