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RPI (Regional Prosperity Initiative)

For years, in creating regions and service areas for dozens of state agencies, the State of Michigan seldom considered how these could interact and geographically coincide most efficiently and effectively. Collaboration on mutual goals was lacking or nonexistent. Agencies came to work at cross-purposes, and sometimes without even realizing it. The consequences of this state of affairs have been exacerbated in recent years by sharply reduced public funds.

The State of Michigan developed the Regional Prosperity Initiative (RPI) for the purpose of encouraging regional collaboration to resolve these problems. RPI in the Central U.P. began in early 2014 when CUPPAD received funding through a voluntary competitive grant process that was open only to designated planning regions and metropolitan planning organizations.

Key objectives of RPI are to:

  • Clean up the disparate service areas of multiple agencies and organizations
  • Reduce overlapping responsibilities, conflicting goals, and duplication of services
  • Dedicate public funding and effort for similar functions to be delivered by the same entity
  • Enhance private-public-nonprofit cooperation and align activities for greatest impact

Collaboration improves awareness of what different agencies are doing, making it possible to eliminate duplicate and overlapping services. Over the long term, more difficult problems can be resolved in a small group or one-on-one environment. Agreements can be developed to address differences and similarities, ultimately creating a coordinated system of service delivery.

RPI 2015 Final


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