Delta County Non-Motorized Pathway Master Plan


EUPRP&DC has initiated a two-year planning effort funded by the Michigan Department of Transportation


CUPPAD is currently working to develop a non-motorized pathway master plan for Delta County. The plan will create a shared vision and strategy for the future of non-motorized paths in the county. As part of this process CUPPAD will assess current trails and paths in the county, identify gaps in the existing network, propose and prioritize new pathways, and identify potential funding sources for implementation.




Non-motorized pathways have been shown to have many benefits forIMG_20140914_160314_832
communities.  A trail system can improve a local economy by attracting tourists and boosting property values. Proximity to trails can also improve physical and mental well-being. Enhancing the network of pathways in the area will contribute to the quality of life and uniqueness of Delta County.


Questions, comments, and reservations can be directed to Peter VanSteen.

The CUPPAD Region

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