Census Information Resources

Census 2020 is happening right now! Have you filled out the census? This data is used to determine funding allocations for various parts of our communities, including schools, wildlife and recreation, public transportation, and more! Please visit https://2020census.gov/en.html today!

CUPPAD maintains an extensive database of census materials and related information. Our agency is a local affiliate of the Michigan Center for Geographic Information (CGI) and has acquired a large volume of social and economic data from federal and state resources. This data will be updated as soon as possible after the 2020 Census is completed.

The following are examples of information available through our office:

  • Demographic: Population counts including census figures, labor force statistics, age, race, sex, community profiles,
  • Economic: Major employers, labor force, income, major industries, poverty status, etc.
  • Housing: Number and type of units, median value, renter or owner occupied statistics

Information which is readily available is generally provided free of charge.  Information requests that require a large number of copies or extensive staff time are provided at a cost.

Census 2010 County Profiles

For a quick overview of each of the counties in the Central Upper Peninsula, click on a county.

Additional Data Available

Other Michigan data can be accessed at the State of Michigan website.  Nationwide data for States, Counties, and places is available through the U.S. Census Bureau.

The CUPPAD Region

Click the map below to pull up county-specific information and resources.