Brownfields Overview

The CUPPAD Regional Commission partners with local communities to promote economic development by returning brownfield properties to active commercial, industrial or municipal use.  Brownfields are abandoned, idled, sites that have, or are suspected to have environmental contamination from previous uses and have development potential. Revitalization of these sites will help communities growth by creating employment opportunities, and the enhance community’s appearance.


The CUPPAD Regional Commission can assist local communities in several ways:

Brownfield Redevelopment Authorities

Assistance is available to establish a Brownfield Redevelopment Authority. CUPPAD staff will meet with local communities to draft the appropriate resolutions to establish a Brownfield Redevelopment Authority. Brownfield Redevelopment Authorities identify and plan for the reuse of brownfield properties. Additional information on Brownfield Redevelopment Authorities and a list of Authorities in the state is available at

Brownfield Redevelopment Plan

Once an Authority is established, the Authority is able to be empowered to adopt a Brownfield Redevelopment Plan. The CUPPAD Regional Commission can assist a local community in drafting a Plan. The Plan allows for the capture of tax incremental financing to reimburse the developer for eligible activities at a brownfield site. A Plan would also allow the property owner to apply for a Single Business Tax Brownfield Redevelopment Credit for certain investments made at the property. The Brownfield Redevelopment Financing Act (Act 381) and the Single Business Tax Brownfield Redevelopment Credit are two of the many tools communities are using to help level the playing field for brownfield properties that would otherwise be unable to compete with greenfield space for development.

Brownfield Grants and Loans

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment offers grants and loans for environmental assessments and cleanups at properties with known or suspected contamination. Funds are targeted to projects that promote economic development and reuse of brownfield properties. Staff of the CUPPAD Regional Commission is available to assist communities with development and submission of grant applications. Information on grants and loans through the MDNRE is available at


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