Shared GIS Services through CUPPAD

CUPPAD is investing in staff and infrastructure to increase its GIS capacity and improve mapping services to its members and local units of government in the Central Upper Peninsula. CUPPAD is actively looking for local partners to be part of a Regional GIS system, where GIS and mapping services are shared with other local units of government. This model provides an opportunity for local units or Counties to receive mapping services, support, and products at a reasonable cost.

For an annual fee, your local unit of government can be part of this Regional GIS and receive numerous mapping services, such as:

  • Parcel Mapping using COGO
    • Dimensions, angles, and bearings stored within linework
    • Initial parcel creation typically requires a separate project and cost, but future maintenance is included as part of annual GIS fee
  • Online access to data, maps, and apps on any device
  • Regional Fetch GIS service for parcel viewing
  • Access to an ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Online platform for hosted data, maps, and apps
  • A set number of monthly hours for GIS and mapping support
  • Creation of online maps, hardcopy maps, GIS projects, etc.
  • Pricing based on need – contact us for more details about baseline costs and packages


The CUPPAD Region

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