Transportation Planning

TransportationThe Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) funds the Regional Transportation Program, which assists local agencies and MDOT by providing a variety of information and services needed for transportation planning. CUPPAD’s work program includes the following:

Technical Assistance to MDOT: Assist MDOT in updating statewide transportation plans, and assisting with various tasks in addressing specific MDOT issues, projects and programs.

Technical Assistance to Member Agencies:  Provide services to local governments and agencies to improve existing transportation systems, and identify actions to improve the area’s transportation system.

Public Involvement:  Assist MDOT with in providing the public an opportunity to review and comment on MDOT activities.

Highway Performance Monitoring System:  Collect traffic counts and other data of sample road segments for the Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS).

Heritage Route:  Provide technical support and contact for questions or concerns for U.P. Hidden Coast Recreation Heritage Route.  Activities may include developing specific studies and providing general direction for the Heritage Route Committee.

Rural Safety Planning:  Assist in conducting rural safety planning forums to increase or create awareness for safety, and encourage formation of cross-discipline safety partnerships at the local level.

Asset Management:  Participate as part of a three-person team (including MDOT and city/county) in rating the federal-aid eligible roads in the region utilizing the PASER road rating system.  Provide appropriate technical assistance to local governmental units and to the Asset Management Council with asset management activities.


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