Asset Management

Asset Management Overview

Asset management an emerging concept in the transportation industry manages assets (infrastructure) by focusing on performance. Asset management takes a “strategic” approach to transportation looking at the network as a whole, rather than as series of individual projects. Asset management requires a solid foundation of data to allow transportation professionals the ability to monitor the transportation system and plan for the preservation, improvement and timely replacement of assets.

State law requires a process for determining the condition of Michigan’s highways and bridges so those assets are maintained, preserved and improved in an efficient and cost-effective manner. A benefit of the Asset Management approach is “doing the right fix at the right time.”

Federal Aid Road Condition Survey

Each year between the months of May and September, a rating team drives the federal-aid eligible roads in each county in the central Upper Peninsula.  This team is comprised of an MDOT representative, a representative from the local road agency and a representative from CUPPAD. This survey creates a database of pavement condition ratings for use by MDOT. Three data items are collected: surface type, number of lanes, and the PASER surface rating (described below) to be used in the State’s assessment of federal-aid paved roads throughout Michigan.  A yearly report is prepared, which summarizes the Asset Management Program and the road ratings.

PASER (PAvement Surface Evaluation and Rating) is a 1-10 rating system based three categories:

  • Road Conditions are “Good” (ratings of 8-10) needing only routine maintenance
  • Road Conditions are “Fair” (ratings of 5-7) needing capital preventive maintenance
  • Road Conditions are “Poor” (ratings of 1-4) needing structural improvements

PASER rating maps for the central U.P. can be viewed online in two locations:

CUPPAD AGO Map Application

State of MI PASER Dashboard



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